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作者|Bruce Harpham


In our work oriented culture, hobbies are often perceived to be a waste of time. If you struggle with the idea of putting time into a hobby, consider these benefits. There are many cases where working on a hobby will help you to improve your performance at your day job.


1. You Will Grow Your Network

1. 你的社交半径会扩大

Many hobbies lend themselves to growing your network and meeting other people who share your passion. One great way to get started is to do a Google search with your hobby and the words association or group (e.g. “running club New York” or “creative writing association”). Building your network through a hobby is easy because you already have common ground with other people interested in the topic. Over time, you can give favors to people you meet and ask for help when you need it.


2. You Will Manage Your Time Better


The challenge of fitting your hobby into your daily and weekly schedule is a challenge for many people. Jeff Sanders adopted a 5am morning routine in order to accommodate his marathon training and maintain his other responsibilities. Making the most of limited time is a great skill to develop and it applies to the working world. Not sure where to start? Learn how to starting a personal project or hobby will improve your productivity.

对于很多人来说,将自己的爱好安排进自己日常每周的日程是很有挑战的事。Jeff Sanders每天5点就早起,为马拉松训练腾出时间,同时保证自己负责的其他事务不受影响。在有限时间完成最多的事情是一个非常重要的而且能运用到工作中的技能。不确定从何下手?学着如何展开个人项目或者培养爱好将会提高你的效率。

3. You Will Improve Your Mental Health

3. 你可以提高你精神力量

How well you manage your mental health and stress levels has a major impact on your work performance. Fortunately, many hobbies offer mental health benefits. CNN found that crafting is good for your brain. Scientist Dr. Jeff Brown found that running improves your mental health – he shares his findings in the book, The Runner’s Brain. When you have the ability to think clearly, you will be able to solve more problems at work and get ahead.

如何调剂自身精神状态和受压能力是工作中重要的一个环节。幸运的是,很多爱好可以提高精神力量。CNN发现手工艺活对大脑是有益的。科学家Jeff Brown博士发现,跑步能提高精神力量——他在《跑步者的大脑》一书中提到。当你能清晰地思考问题,你就能解决更多问题,在工作中保持领先。

4. You Will Have Better Physical Health

4. 你的身体将更健康

Like it or not, your appearance and physical health directly improve your work results. The Daily Mail reports that HR staff and companies tend to view overweight people as less productive. Consider starting a hobby that will improve your health such as a sport or healthy cooking. As you improve your physical health, you will have more energy and that will help you at work.


5. You Will Be More Creative

5. 你会更有创造力

Developing creative solutions to problems at work is one of the best ways to set yourself apart from the rest of the pack. Actively pursuing a hobby is a great way to improve your creativity. Fast Company reports that creative hobbies such as photography and needlework improve performance at work. Simply occupying your mind with an activity beyond your regular work gives you a chance to ask new questions and new approaches to life.


6. You Will Understand What Matters To You

6. 你会明白什么对你更重要

Knowing yourself is essential to career advancement. By exploring a variety of hobbies, you will gain a new perspective on yourself. For instance, you may enjoy the challenge of leading a team to victory when you play basketball. That experience will help you to discover your leadership skills. As you experiment with different hobbies, you will also discover areas that are not your strength. For example, you may not like the technical aspects of digital photography. That experience will remind you to limit technical activities at your place of work.


7. You Will Be More Self Reliant

7. 你可以更自律

As you pursue a hobby, you need to be self-directed. Nobody will stand over you each day and direct you to work on a hobby. It is up to you to purchase equipment, go through books and develop your skills. If you are training for a marathon, for instance, you are the one who decides whether or not to train each day. In your work, becoming more self-reliant is highly valuable skill. You will take on projects and learn new skills on your own, rather than waiting for your boss. Being self-reliant means you will be motivated to expand your job.


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